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Digital Stewardship for the Mission-Minded Leader

Grow Your Reach, Keep Your Values

Welcome to the Digital Stewardship Program

In a world where digital noise is louder than ever, finding clarity and who to trust is difficult. I understand that as a seasoned entrepreneur and nonprofit founder. I've spent 20 years serving all kinds of businesses, I've seen contractors and agencies come and go, but the one thing you can't fake is results over a long period of time. I understand you have many choices in who you bring on to help you with your project, my goal is to serve you well by delivering results.

Understanding Your Mission

As a Christian business leader, you’ve navigated the complexities of running a mission-driven organization with grace and determination. You’ve seen trends come and go, but one truth remains: the need to connect, to share your message, and to grow your impact in a world that desperately needs it.

But digital marketing? It’s a different beast. Algorithms change overnight. Ad platforms evolve. What worked yesterday might not work today. It’s not just about being online; it’s about being effective, making every dollar count, and ensuring your digital presence genuinely reflects your mission.

My Promise to You

The Digital Stewardship Program isn’t just another digital marketing service. It’s a partnership that aligns with your values, amplifies your mission, and stewards your resources wisely in the digital realm. Here’s what makes me different:

  • Faith-Based Approach: I understand the heart of your mission because I share your values. My strategies are not just effective; they’re ethical and aligned with Christian principles.
  • ROI-Focused: Your resources are a stewardship, not to be spent lightly. I’m committed to strategies that deliver measurable returns, whether in increased engagement, higher conversions, or broader reach.
  • Transparent Reporting: No jargon, no smoke and mirrors. You’ll see exactly where your investment goes and the impact it’s making, with regular, understandable reports.
  • Adaptive Strategies: The digital landscape is ever-changing, and so am I. My agile approach means I’m always ready to pivot, ensuring your digital presence remains strong, no matter what the online world throws your way.

My Custom Marketing Solutions:

Website Design & Development

I offer an all-in-one service featuring custom design and development on your website. I can fully understand your entire website from beginning to end and redesign and redevelop areas to better maximize results and profit. I also consult and lead projects that have run into difficulties with internal teams or external agencies.

SEO Growth

I can help you improve your online visibility and drive organic traffic to your site with my SEO management services. I'll take care of everything from keyword research and on-page optimization to backlink building and SEO audits, with the aim of enhancing your search engine rankings.

Marketing Automation & Management

I'll help you streamline and scale your marketing efforts with my automation and management services. I set up and manage marketing automation tools, freeing you up to focus more on your core business. This includes everything from email marketing to social media scheduling and CRM integration.

Email Outreach and Lead Generation

Boost your sales with my comprehensive email marketing services. From crafting compelling emails to nurturing your leads and facilitating successful conversions, I've got your cold email outreach, email warm-up, and lead generation needs covered.

Website Audit Service

Optimize your website's performance with my comprehensive audit service. I assess your website's design, usability, SEO, content, and security, and based on this, I provide actionable recommendations to enhance your site's performance and user experience.

Market & Competitor Research

Stay one step ahead of your competition with my detailed market and competitor research services. I analyze your industry, competitors' strategies, market trends, and consumer preferences to provide actionable insights for your strategic decision-making.

Brand & Marketing Strategy

I'll help shape a powerful and consistent brand image with my strategic consulting services. I assist in defining your brand identity, value proposition, and ideal target audience and in developing an effective marketing strategy aligned with your business goals.

Some testimonials from my clients

Barrett Wilson 2:00

Pat Riley 1:19

Josh Honaker 0:57

Josh does an outstanding job of translating our firms value proposition into a visual representation. He was very responsive and delivered on time and on budget.

Terry GillPresident and CEO of Unity Aluminum

Josh gives you the full package–strategic thinking, creative design, clean coding and timely delivery–and just as important, he’s a blast to work with along the way.

Steve WattersVP of Communications, Southern Seminary

I could not have predicted how happy we would be with Josh. I would highly recommend Josh to any business looking for a simple answer for your project.

Beth KeeneyLife Spring Health Systems

Josh created a content management system that everyone in our office could use. Combined with a new responsive, search engine optimized design we increased web traffic and conversions.

Ben ReubensteinCEO Possible Mobile

Leadership, skill with the ability to think outside-the-box are a rare combination in my experience–Josh has a unique blend of each these traits and I highly recommend him. He is also patient and easy to work with–I consider him part of our team.

Josh GilliamCVO Chief Visionary Officer, Gilliam Mease Assoc.

After interviewing several large shops our team felt most comfortable with Josh Starr. It was a breath of fresh air to connect with someone whom was not only the owner but could meet our diverse startup needs. He has delivered on every level and been a true joy to work with in this exciting phase of ParentMD.

Josh Honaker, MD, MBA, FAAPCEO & Founder - ParentMD and Honaker Health

Josh has consistently offered successful, creative solutions for our clients’ needs and scope. Josh delivers and proactively stays in touch on projects as they develop to final. An invaluable partner in our teams success!

Denise OldingIngrid Design