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The Journey of Pixel Painters Enhanced by Cold Emails

The best Case Studies are the ones that demonstrate real results, and it’s hard for me to show better results than one of my own businesses. Even though this is a company I own and operate, I thought it would be more helpful since I can show the financial impact that cold email has had. So not only can I show the campaign results, but the meetings booked and how many of those meetings I closed as well.

Pixel Painters, that’s my productized services business. Our mission is to provide unlimited graphics for churches, brought to life by dedicated designers. But, let’s dive into how I amplified the reach of my services without having to rely on costly advertising methods such as Facebook and Google Ads.

I decided to leverage the power of cold email campaigns. After thorough research, I gathered a highly-targeted list consisting of 28,435 prospective leads, each one mirroring my ideal customer profile perfectly. It was a substantial endeavor, fine-tuning the message and the targeting strategy required immense dedication. However, perseverance is the key to success.

Over the years, I have been consistently emailing this carefully curated list. Out of these cold emails, 3,337 recipients responded positively. From these responses, 173 prospects were interested enough to book a meeting. And remarkably, 96 of these meetings transformed into sign-ups for my monthly service.

Each of these 96 clients contributed $24,912 in lifetime value to Pixel Painters. In total, this added an incredible $2,391,552 to the business. This outstanding achievement demonstrates the immense potential of an effectively executed cold email campaign.

The best part of this journey was that it allowed me to focus on the core aspect of Pixel Painters – crafting beautiful graphics for churches. As the business grew, I was able to expand my team to eight members, while spending only about 5 hours a week on managing the business. These 5 hours primarily involved attending meetings scheduled through my email campaigns.

This is the story of Pixel Painters’ success, a blend of strategic targeting, continuous optimization, and the power of cold email outreach. It underlines what a well-structured cold email campaign can achieve. If you’re interested to learn more, I’m always available to chat.

Some testimonials from my clients

Josh does an outstanding job of translating our firms value proposition into a visual representation. He was very responsive and delivered on time and on budget.

Terry GillPresident and CEO of Unity Aluminum

Josh gives you the full package–strategic thinking, creative design, clean coding and timely delivery–and just as important, he’s a blast to work with along the way.

Steve WattersVP of Communications, Southern Seminary

I could not have predicted how happy we would be with Josh. I would highly recommend Josh to any business looking for a simple answer for your project.

Beth KeeneyLife Spring Health Systems

Josh created a content management system that everyone in our office could use. Combined with a new responsive, search engine optimized design we increased web traffic and conversions.

Ben ReubensteinCEO Possible Mobile

Leadership, skill with the ability to think outside-the-box are a rare combination in my experience–Josh has a unique blend of each these traits and I highly recommend him. He is also patient and easy to work with–I consider him part of our team.

Josh GilliamCVO Chief Visionary Officer, Gilliam Mease Assoc.

After interviewing several large shops our team felt most comfortable with Josh Starr. It was a breath of fresh air to connect with someone whom was not only the owner but could meet our diverse startup needs. He has delivered on every level and been a true joy to work with in this exciting phase of ParentMD.

Josh Honaker, MD, MBA, FAAPCEO & Founder - ParentMD and Honaker Health

Josh has consistently offered successful, creative solutions for our clients’ needs and scope. Josh delivers and proactively stays in touch on projects as they develop to final. An invaluable partner in our teams success!

Denise OldingIngrid Design